Brewers Grains

Pigs, Moist
Weaned Piglets  Up to 2% of Dm intake 
Growers Up to 3% of Dm intake
Finishers  Up to 5% of Dm intake  
Sows Up to 10% of Dm intake 

Product Description

Coarse textured grain, a very palatable, high protein and digestible fibre feed. Suitable for feeding to sows. The dry matter contents are within a range of 19-24% dm

Features & Benefits

Brewers Grains are a very palatable moist feed with useful protein content. They have a good fibre content making them useful to use as a forage extender when fed at high levels if forage is short or expensive. When fed at lower feeding rates they still make a very cost effective protein contribution to most diets. They have all year availability from numerous breweries located in Ireland. 


Brewers Grains are delivered in bulk tipper vehicles.

Handling and storage

Brewers grains should be stored in a clean lined clamp with concrete floor. All clamps should be sheeted & weighted down to exclude air and rain water which will aid shelf life and maintain feeding value.

Product specification

Dry matter
24,0 %
65,1 %
7,22 MJ
Crude Protein
24,0 %
Oil (total)
10,7 %
2,0 %
0,5 %
4,4 %
0,42 %
0,05 %
0,62 %
0,06 %
0,03 %
71,0 Mg
9,2 Mg
dig (SID) Lysin
0,70 %
dig (SID) Methionine
0,38 %
dig (SID) Meth + Cyst
0,72 %
dig (SID) Threonine
0,70 %
dig (SID) Tryptophan
0,23 %
dig (AID) Lysine
0,66 %
dig (AID) Methionine
0,37 %
dig (AID) Meth + Cyst
0,69 %
dig (AID) Threonine
0,64 %
dig (AID) Tryptophan
0,21 %

Last modification 28-01-2021

*Data presented on a dry matter basis. (the nurtient values are indicative)

All information, data, recommendations and advice given on this document are as guides only. Please contact Duynie IER for more detailed information. All products supplied by Duynie IER should be used in diets under the advice and recommendation of qualified personnel.

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