Feed Beer

Pigs, Liquid Feed
Weaned Piglets  Up to 5% of Dm intake 
Growers Up to 8% of Dm intake
Finishers  Up to 12% of Dm intake  
Sows Up to 10% of Dm intake 

Product Description

Surplus deactivated yeast, highly digestible, high energy, and rich in protein feed. Suitable for feeding to pigs. The net energy MJ value for pigs is shown here including the amount of alcohol.

Features & Benefits

Feed beer is a very palatable high energy protein liquid feed. It has excellent digestibility and very good amino acid levels. Feed beer has good mixing and handling properties for liquid pig feeding systems. It has all year availability from a brewerie in Ireland.


Feed beer is delivered in bulk pressurised tankers

Handling and storage

Feed beer is preserved with a small amount of organic acid so that the product can be kept for at least 6 weeks. Feed beer should be stored in an acid-resistant silo or bunker with agitator. In order to prevent segregation, Feed beer must be stirred, preferably before initiation of induction. The regular cleaning of storage units, premixers and the like is essential for the hygienic supply of liquid feed to pigs and to prevent fermentation in stores, premixers and pipes.  Feed beer is best stored in vertical tanks designed to hold and dispatch bulk liquid feeds. The product will seperate over time thus a form of agitation in the storage tanks would be of benefit.

Product specification

Dry matter
8,0 %
19,10 MJ
18,91 MJ
Crude Protein
40,6 %
Oil (total)
2,0 %
16,0 %
4,5 %
6,0 %
0,23 %
0,34 %
1,14 %
1,70 %
0,23 %
47,0 Mg
12,0 Mg
2,3 Mg
dig (SID) Lysin
2,39 %
dig (SID) Methionine
0,53 %
dig (SID) Meth + Cyst
0,83 %
dig (SID) Threonine
1,62 %
dig (SID) Tryptophan
0,41 %
dig (AID) Lysine
2,36 %
dig (AID) Methionine
0,52 %
dig (AID) Meth + Cyst
0,80 %
dig (AID) Threonine
1,56 %
dig (AID) Tryptophan
0,40 %
342 g

Last modification 28-01-2021

*Data presented on a dry matter basis. (the nurtient values are indicative)

All information, data, recommendations and advice given on this document are as guides only. Please contact Duynie IER for more detailed information. All products supplied by Duynie IER should be used in diets under the advice and recommendation of qualified personnel.

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