Duynie Feed is a specialist supplier of livestock feed based on co-products sourced from producers of foodstuffs and biofuels. This way, Duynie Feed has been contributing to livestock farmers’ durable profitability for over 50 years. The result is a well-functioning agrarian business that simultaneously helps build a sustainable environment.


        Circularity: Duynie Feed, livestock farmers and producers of foodstuffs and biofuels work together to close the recycling loop. The result: maximum utilisation of raw materials with minimum wastage.
  Carbon footprint: Co-products offer a more sustainable livestock feed solution. Co-products have a carbon footprint that is considerably lower than that of comparable concentrates.
  Regional: The co-products of Duynie Feed are regionally sourced livestock feed.
  Food, Feed or Fuel: It is an ongoing debate whether it is best to grow crops for food (human nutrition), or for feed (animal nutrition) or for fuel (biomass for energy production). 


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