Sustainable returns


Duynie Feed co-products offer nutritional value at an attractive price. Feeding co-products contributes to financial results in the short term and the continuity of the farming operation in the long term.

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  • Every farming operation is unique. Each livestock farmer therefore has specific operational goals and challenges, for instance with respect to feeding, production and animal health. At Duynie Feed we concentrate squarely on the farmer’s own goals. This way, we can help the farmer achieve his goals with our solid advice, based on specialist knowledge and many years of experience.
  • Duynie Feed aims for rations that make maximum use of forage. Co-products provide the desired supplementary nutrients to maximise/optimise the returns on your farming operation.

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Market concepts

Duynie Feed recognises that meat and milk buyers are increasingly developing new market concepts. With these concepts, they wish to offer a unique product to a specific group of consumers. Part of these concepts is a set of conditions concerning how the meat or milk is produced. This pertains for instance to animal well-being, but increasingly also to the feed that is fed to all livestock.

Co-products offer countless opportunities to reinforce market concepts. Consider for instance, creating (regional) closed-loop cycles of meat and dairy products with a lower carbon footprint. Duynie Feed is eager to discuss this with livestock farmers, dairy and meat processors and certificate holders! Together we can build a more sustainable food chain that contributes to sustainable returns for livestock farmers.

Conditions to participate in market concepts are often added onto the demands set by customers in their delivery conditions and quality assurance programmes.

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